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Workshops + Kids Camps

It's summer! Anyone else feel like the heat came out of nowhere? Just me? We're feeling all kinds of feeling about the beginning of summer and the official end of lockdown. We can't wait to see al...

Glass + Glaze Workshop

We've been counting down the days in anticipation for this one: Multi-disciplinary artist Kelly Witmer is coming to our Downtown studio in June.

What You're Looking at is All GLAZE!

Can you believe it? As we're learning from our friend Alex Zablocki, the line between clay and glaze is a little more fuzzy than we realized, and a lot of the "rules" we thought we knew about ceram...

Kids Clay Camp is Back

We've been busy planning our 2022 Kids Clay Camp and we're happy to announce that it's now open for enrollment! We were truly inspired by the creativity of our campers last year and we're eager to ...

Slip Casting Workshop

Tired of your wheel thrown bowls always collapsing? Are your handbuilt pieces too lumpy? The monotony of making multiples got you down? Give our Mold Making and Slip Casting workshop a try! 

Cold Finishing?

Maybe this is what you call ending a relationship, but in the ceramics world, "cold finishing" means applying non-ceramic materials that don't require firing to a piece. Artist and AMOCA resident K...