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Slip Casting Workshop

Tired of your wheel thrown bowls always collapsing? Are your handbuilt pieces too lumpy? The monotony of making multiples got you down? Give our Mold Making and Slip Casting workshop a try! 

Cold Finishing?

Maybe this is what you call ending a relationship, but in the ceramics world, "cold finishing" means applying non-ceramic materials that don't require firing to a piece. Artist and AMOCA resident K...

Spring Hues are Here

There are so many things to enjoy about this lovely season; at the studio, springtime means more golden sunlight pouring in through the windows in the afternoon, energizing us to create. 

New Year, New Everything

Just kidding -- we're keeping all of the things you know and love -- but we have so many fun things in store for 2022.   

Summer Things

The next few months are jam packed with programming, we have our first Summer Clay Camp at Santa Monica, and so many talented artists joining us for our workshop series.