April 20: Pipe Making Workshop for Criminal Justice Reform with Laura Lara

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There's nothing more rewarding than using something you've made, like sipping coffee from a mug or eating dessert off a plate you created yourself. How about making yourself a pipe for those times you want to relax and unwind?

Pick up a kit in advance from the studio and join Laura Lara on Zoom on 4/20 for this fun, beginner-friendly workshop. Afterward, we'll glaze and fire your pipe and you'll have your own custom piece. 

This workshop is a benefit for The Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform. Enrollment is free with proof of donation; after signing up, email classes@stilllifeceramics.com with a copy of your donation receipt. We suggest a $40 donation, but give whatever you can; you may enroll with a donation of any amount.

Laura Lara is a beloved member of the Still Life team and makes pottery that is full of life and personality. Laura's classes are always fun and laid back and this one is going to be a party and ceramics class rolled into one. See more of Laura's work here.

Date: Tuesday 4/20/21

Time: 5:30-6:30pm

Location: Online via Zoom

Price: Free with a donation in any amount to The Last Prisoner Project

Included: Clay, tools, and firing for one pipe. After enrolling, you'll receive instructions on picking up your kit and dropping off after the workshop.



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