March 7+14: How to Write a Haiku in Clay with Evgenia Ozerova

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The speed of today’s world can be stressful; we run through the day in a haste and in such way allow it to completely escape from us. As an attempt to hold on to the beautiful fleeting feelings a day brings, in this hand-building poetry-shaping workshop we will be making miniatures of our own life’s anecdotes. A funny encounter you observed, that absurd superstition your mother would recite, a note on a door or a napkin that made you smile; maybe it’s a tiny leaf storm you watched hurl in the air, or an impossible idea. How can we make a thought material? How to commemorate the very time we live in? We think the answer is molding a shapeless mass of clay into something of our own invention.

This workshop is led by artist Evgenia R. Ozerova at our Santa Monica location and will take place over two 3-hour sessions. Recommended for beginners with some clay experience, or intermediate/advanced potters who would like to approach their ceramic practice in a new way.

Evgenia R. Ozerova is a clay artist who is engrossed in the material’s inclination to be shaped and reshaped alike human thoughts. She often makes small scale clay scenes to meditate on her experience of the world. See more of Evgenia’s work here.

Location: Still Life Studios in Santa Monica
850 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90021

Date: Sunday 3/7/21 and Sunday 3/14/21

Time: 1:00-4:00 PM 

Cost: $200, includes clay, tools and supplies, and firing for your piece

If you’ve taken a class with us in the last six months, send us an email letting us know what class you took, and we will send you a special discount code.

Skill level: Beginners with some clay experience, intermediate, advanced

Policies: Masks and social distancing are required at all times at the studio. Cancellations made 4 or more days before the start of the workshop will be refunded. A 50% refund or credit toward another class or workshop will be given for cancellations made fewer than 4 full days before the start date.

We have 6 seats left in this class.

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