Clay at Home Kit

$45.00 Regular price

Take home one of our clay kits and create a work of your own!

Use the tools, follow along with our youtube videos, and drop off your pieces to be fired at our DTLA studio or Santa Monica studio. Our staff will glaze your pieces with a transparent glaze and send you an email once they are ready.

Tools included (may vary):

  • 3 lbs of clay
  • 7 tools (assortment may vary)
  • underglaze (colors may vary)

Video Tutorials Available:

Please note: Tools must be returned when pieces are dropped off - if any are lost or broken, you will be invoiced a $15 charge. 

Please drop off your pieces rather than shipping them back to us. If you have to ship, please understand clay is very fragile in this state and may break in transit. We are not liable for any breakage or damage during shipping or any misfires of your pieces. Our staff tries our very best to handle each and every piece with care, but things may break or other damage may occur from time to time.