FP3 Carving Tool - Diamond Core

$42.00 Regular price

This 3 mm U-shaped tip is ideal for fine, detailed sgraffito and for navigating small, difficult-to-reach places. With its sharp, replaceable blade; innovative design; and beautiful hardwood handle; this tool is far superior to other sgraffito wire tools.

  • 3 mm-diameter "U" Tip x 1 mm-wide straight stainless steel blade
  • Beautiful 5.5-inch (139.7 mm) pencil-type handle
  • Ideal for creating, clean 3 mm grooves
  • Great for working right up next to an edge
  • This pottery carving tool can carve bone dry or leather-hard clay
  • Adjustable carving blade angle
  • Comes with one free spare blade; additional blades available for purchase
  • Comes with three grips: two on tool and one extra
  • Wood grain may vary 
  • Ideal for shallow shaving of leatherhard clay or underglaze
  • Carving clay leaving clean edges
  • Sgraffito artists love this tool for shaving the background 
  • Mishima, sculpting, scraping and more
  • Stainless-steel blade never dulls and leaves little to no burs or debris
  • Sharp blade increases efficiency and reduces fatigue