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Original Workshops & Classes by Still Life Studio
The FoundersStill Life Ceramics is a studio and brand in Downtown Los Angeles, making functional ceramic art for your everyday life. The studio opened in April 2018 with a handful of orders for restaurants, and a full roster of classes for beginners. Now we stock our shop with our pieces, and the work of local LA artists we love, as well as work with wonderful clients for wholesale orders.


A shared passion for this craft brought us together- a love for the community created through working with clay, the opportunity of working with like minded artists and entrepreneurs, and the constant striving to learn and do more is what turned our passion into a business.

Our Incredible Team
Gayle | @redvioletceramics
Artist, Studio & Retail Manager - DTLA 

Gina | @glittermountain
Artist, Director of Classes

Jorge: @georgeplayswithmud
Artist, Glaze and Kiln Manager
Claudia | @claudia.v.solorzano
Artist Teacher, Studio Tech
Laura | @mariposasindica
Artist Teacher, Studio Tech

Eva | @somethinggoodnearandbreathing
Artist Teacher, Studio Tech

Diana: @torbaticeramics
Artist, Content Creator & Studio Tech


Francis | @francis_river
Artist Teacher 
Marjorie | @luridpulp
Artist, Studio Assistant
David | @stoneware_pottery
Artist Teacher
Alex | @alexkawano
Artist Teacher