Getting Out There: Marketing 101 for Potters with Sharon Mann

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You've mastered your craft in the studio. What's next when you want to go beyond making and start marketing and selling your work? Join Sharon Mann for a talk about everything you need to know about the business side of your ceramic practice.

Still Life Studio  850 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Sunday, April 10 4:00-6:00pm

If you've been thinking about selling your work or need some guidance on turning your passion into profit, this talk is for you. As someone with years of experience not only in the ceramics world but also in business and marketing, Sharon Mann has put together a robust presentation to help you go from hobby potter to savvy business owner. This talk will cover a wide variety of topics, from practical considerations like licensing, taxes, and platforms for selling and collecting payments, to other matters such as branding, photography, the competitive landscape, and connecting with your customer base.

Join Sharon at Still Life Studio in Santa Monica for this two hour talk/presentation, which will include a Q&A session and refreshments. Newbie and seasoned potters alike are welcome! Still Life Studio members get $30 off with the discount code MARKETINGMEMBER.


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