Mold Making & Slip Casting with Corky - Mateo Studio

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This workshop will teach how to make a simple 2-piece slip casting mold with Corky of KAC Studios.

Class Session 1: We will teach how to prepare the object for mold making, learn how to
mix and pour the plaster for the two parts and have a finished two-part mold. (April 22nd, 12 - 5pm)

Class Session 2: Once the molds have dried, we will teach how to prepare the slip and pour to cast. (April 29th, 12 - 5pm)

Class Session 3: We will teach how to de-mold and clean the seams of the object. Repair tears or imperfections. (April 30th, 12 - 3pm)


Still Life Studio // Arts District

588 Mateo St, Los Angeles, 90013

  • Saturday, April 22nd   //  12 pm - 5 pm
  • Saturday, April 29th  //   12 pm - 5 pm
  • Sunday, April 30th   //    12 pm - 3 pm 

For our class, please bring a NONPOROUS object you want to cast.

  • This can be glass, plastic, glazed ceramic, hard rubber, etc.
  • Wood, Plaster, unglazed pottery is not good.

If you’re not sure you may want to bring a few objects:
*Objects should be no larger than 4” W x 5” L x 7” H*

They can be:

  • A single handle coffee cups
  • Small vases, bowls with footings,
  • Small bottles.
  • The shapes should not be too irregular.

Some common items that work. Any relief detail should be confined to opposite
sides of the items. For instance, front and back but not sides. Or sides but not
front and back. Please check the second photo for references.

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  • Please plan to arrive early so we can start class promptly at the scheduled time.
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