Raku Firing by Natalya Seva - Santa Monica

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We are excited to offer regular raku firings led by Natalya Seva. 

Still Life Studio

850 Pico Blvd

Santa Monica, CA 90405


In this workshop, you will learn two techniques: horse hair and foil saggar

The horse hair technique is where pieces are removed from the hot kiln and horse hair is used to burn unique designs onto the pieces.

The foil saggar technique is where a ferric chloride solution is put onto the pieces, they are then wrapped in foil, and fired in the raku kiln.

After participating in this in-depth workshop, you will have solid knowledge of how to conduct horse hair and foil saggar raku firings by yourself.

In advance of the firing day, we will provide video tutorials that describes how to prepare your pieces for raku. Prior to the firing, you may come to the studio and use our terra sigillata (to be applied to greenware), brushes, and polishing cloths. We will then bisque-fire your greenware pieces at our studio in order to prepare them for the raku firing. Please email: welcome@still-life-studio.com to arrange this or notify a staff member if you are a member of SLS. Pieces must be no larger than 12 inches in any direction and a max of 8 pieces is allowed.

Natalya Seva has a background in oil painting and animation, but it was her discovery of clay that introduced magic into her life. In her creations, she combines the natural richness of clay with other materials like wood, glass, metal to create stunning works that are beautiful, dramatic, and elegant. See more of Natalya's work here.

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